A lasting commemoration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

A vital asset for London.

The Diamond Jubilee Footbridge (also known as the Cremorne foot and cycle bridge) is an exciting project to build a new pedestrian and cycle bridge over the River Thames. Designed to accommodate a predicted 1.4 million pedestrian and cycle journeys a year, the bridge was conceived at the time of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II, marking the location where she boarded her launch for the start of the Diamond Jubilee river pageant in 2012.

The project received planning permission from the London Borough of Wandsworth in June 2013, and from Hammersmith & Fulham in November 2013. Construction of the foundations on the Wandsworth side started in summer 2016.

Designed by one-world design architects in conjunction with structural engineers Expedition Engineering and maritime engineers Beckett Rankine, the Diamond Jubilee Bridge now needs a private sector sponsor to make this exciting dream a reality.

The bridge will be the first pedestrian and cycle bridge over the Thames in London this century.


"This is an incredibly exciting project. It's an opportunity for London to have a lasting commemoration of the Queen's reign".

Tracy Edwards MBE,
Round The World Yachtswoman

The bridge is widely supported by the community, businesses, and political leaders.